The Duchy of Cleves was a state in the Holy Roman Empire. Its territory was part of the Low Countries, situated on both sides of the river Rhine, around its capital Cleves and roughly covering today's Prussian districts of Cleves, Wesel and the city of Duisburg. Linguistically and culturally Cleves was Dutch, being germanized after Prussia acquired the region in 1701.

Duchy of Cleves ca 1020/25 – 1614




South Guelderish


Aboslute Principality

Historical era

-Partitioned from Hamaland ca 1020/25 the 11th century

-United with Mark 1368

-Cleves raised to duchy 1417

-Joined Lower Rhenish 1500

-United with Jülich and Berg

-John William died without issue 25 March 1609

-Partitioned at Xanten 12 November 1614